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I developed and worked on a tv board so managers could see a real time picture of their social media standings in an organized fashion. The board utilized the facebook API, real time google API, and radarly, which is an API to track posts with keywords related to your company on social media. This was a fast paced project and was completed within a week and a half. I developed everything using Bootstrap, PHP, jQuery, and MySQL. The chart was made using google visualization tables.

This project gave me the opportunity to use some cool new social media tracking software, and I had the chance to develop some nifty transition animations using javascript. The stats are a blend of mySQL storage and real time results which give managers incredible insight into the status of their company.

Client Feedback.

"We didn't think this was possible with the short amount of time that we gave Alex but he rose up to the challenge and did more than we expected! We're really happy with the quality of work. Despite the time difference we were able to complete the project and we would not hesitate to work with Alex again!"



Please note: Some text/numbers have been altered to protect the clients information.